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Please enjoy the following excerpt from David's book Unwind Your Mind Back to God that speaks directly to the real power of joining.

Joining is usually seen as an action in this world. As with everything of this world, the true meaning of joining is approached as old definitions are laid aside. What could never leave need not return; what could never separate need not join. Mind is One and can never be broken into separate, private, isolated fragments, each with private thoughts and a different perspective on the world. Likewise truth is not a collection of parts that unite to make a whole, for truth is One. The Whole is One and is far beyond the so-called “sum” of the parts. To join is to forgive, for to see illusions as one (tapestry) is simply to release the thought of parts. Nothing exists apart from the One, for connection is just another name for Union and Oneness. Forgiveness is the Point of the world, and no amount of “connecting the dots,” “networking,” or “trying to bring people together” is necessary to solve a problem that does not exist. To join is to accept the Changelessness of Mind. How simple and easy is the truth! Seek not to change the world. For one can but accept that which Is, now, always, and forever. What is the same (forgiveness) cannot be different. What is One (Heaven) cannot have separate parts. Forgiveness seems to collapse time, while Oneness is beyond time entirely. I join you in the Purpose of forgiveness, for what else could joining mean? Forgiveness is Content and has nothing to do with specific forms.

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The Power of Joining ACIM
Unwind your Mind ACIM

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  • Unwind Your Mind Groups

    The intention for these groups is to go deeply into the practical application of ACIM. David Hoffmeister is a trusted brother whose life is a living demonstration that through commitment and devotion, Awakening happens. His book Unwind Your Mind is a tool to open the mind to the deep truths found in A Course In Miracles. By joining together and learning to connect and trust our brothers and sisters and become transparent with our minds...we heal. The power to transcend the ego is magnified when two or more gather in this shared purpose. The Course teaches us that at a certain point in our journey we will not go alone but that Mighty Companions will be given to help us on our way. This group is a gift from the Holy Spirit to take us home!

  • Movie Watching Groups

    Used wisely, movies can provide powerful learning experiences. Watching a movie with guidance and pausing it to discuss what comes up emotionally with others is a powerful way to begin to wake up. David Hoffmeister uses movies to teach spiritual lessons, just as Jesus used parables. David invites us to: "use movies to pay attention to your mind, to pay attention to your thoughts. Mind training with movies is a way to heal the mind; to be free of all distortions and judgment. It can be intense at first, but it gives way to joy, and you open up more to lasting peace, happiness and contentment.

  • Mystical Mind Training

    Mystical Mind Training (MMT) is an online, advanced mind training program for those desiring an experiential way of healing the mind and undoing the ego completely. Spiritual texts, videos, music, audio files, and writings are woven together in a curriculum designed to heighten metaphysical understanding, and transfer the training to everything that has been believed–without exception. The program also provides dedicated relationships for support and inspiration.

  • Teacher of Teachers

    ​"Teacher of Teachers" refers to the Holy Spirit, to Whom this website is dedicated to. It contains a free library of the most advanced teachings of ACIM, including over forty-five hours of David Hoffmeister's audio MP3's and nearly 250 pages of written material. 

    If you would like to enjoy these deep conversations in print format they are now available fully transcribed and edited in two books: compiled, Awakening through A Course in Miracles and Unwind Your Mind ~ Back to God: Experiencing A Course in Miracles.


  • Circle of Supportwhich will provide you with a way to stay engaged and connected with our community for support on your awakening path.