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Join a Movie Group

Around the world, there are groups of ACIM students who watch
movies using David Hoffmeister's The Movie Watcher’s Guide to
 (or "MWGE" for short). As David has shared over the
years, watching movies with the Holy Spirit can be a wonderful
way of bringing the principles of ACIM to life! These Movie Groups
are a wonderful way to connect with others, go deeper into the
practice of true forgiveness, and open up to the Holy Spirit’s
​Guidance in your life.

To discover groups that may be in your area, or online groups that are watching movies, click here to visit our Local Groups page and look at the map.

Start Your Own Movie Group

Anyone who feels inspired to start a Movie Group may do so, either locally or online using Zoom video-conferencing software. However, we do ask that facilitators follow the basic Movie Watching Guidelines [see below] we’ve developed to help keep the purpose of the group out front.

A Movie Group is a “Circle of Support” given by the Holy Spirit to be approached with appreciation, devotion, and love. Those who facilitate these circles are in contact with the Living Miracles community for support and assistance. We approach this opening up to the purification of the heart with honor and deep commitment. 

Using MWGE.org as Preparation for Group Facilitators 

For those wanting to start their own Movie Group, we highly recommend subscribing to our online Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment at MWGE.org.

How Can MWGE Support Your Spiritual Awakening Experience?

1. You can sign up for an mwge.org membership.

2. Read these sections of the mwge.org website: 
Getting Started
    On Movies & Mind
    Mind Tools in Action
    Movie Gatherings
    Levels of Mind
    Instrument for Peace

3. The MWGE Blog is an excellent source for selecting a movie and theme for a movie night.

4. It is also helpful to read and understand the True Empathy section in A Course in Miracles (T-16.I)

5. Prior to your first group meeting you may wish to watch these movies, which you can find:

  • Truman Show mini with Jason
  • Star Trek - The Thaw with David

6. Notice when and how the commentary is given.

7. Pause when your own feelings comes up.

8. Do an Instrument for Peace on one of your feeling reactions to the movie.

Put your Movie Group on the Map!

Go to the Living Miracles/Events/Local Groups page https://livingmiraclescenter.org/events/local-groups.html and click on the “Submit Your Group.” Fill in and submit the information about your group and we will put it on the world map. Keep in mind that for purposes of simplicity, we refer to all groups on our map as "Unwind Your Mind groups", whether they are reading Unwind Your Mind, This Moment Is Your Miracle, watching movies using MWGE, or using other resources from David.

Movie Group Guidelines

The following has proven helpful when bringing a group together so the mind can relax into what is given and purposeful. When minds are joined in a focused way, it is easier to go deeper together with “true empathy” (T-16.I). On this basis, the facilitator will guide the group with intuition and what feels most helpful in the moment.

You may choose to start each session by reading aloud the Inspiration for participating in the movie group:

"This movie group is a support for the mind to let go of fear-based thinking and to experience the lightness and Love of the Spirit. Guided movie watching is a way to put the teachings of A Course In Miracles into practice. David Hoffmeister is a demonstration that awakening happens through commitment and devotion. Rather than offering advice or “teaching” our own ideas, we align ourselves with what is being offered in The Movie Watcher’s Guide and the movie. By becoming transparent with our feelings and trusting our brothers and sisters in a safe environment...we heal.

“We give this meeting to you, Holy Spirit. Be You in charge.” 

"This is a course in mind training." ~A Course in Miracles T-1.VII.4.

Movie Watching Groups

Learn more about our online Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment (MWGE) by visiting: