​​​​A new book, Unwind Your Mind Back to God: Experiencing A Course in Miracles has been released which contains the deepest teachings on the planet regarding A Course in Miracles and how to apply it to your life. It is a powerful road-map for anyone with a sincere desire to Awaken in this lifetime. This book is full of dialogues that David Hoffmeister had with students about how to practically apply the Course metaphysics to key issues they were experiencing. If you have the “willingness to question every value that you hold” (ACIM), it offers a complete pathway to God that I highly recommend!​​

This page presents two ways to share the power of joining on this pathway:

•    Join our Online Discussion Group

•    Start your own Local Group (see below)

Online Discussion Group with Greg and Living Miracles Europe

I invite you to dive deeper with me into the practical application of the Course every Tuesday for an Unwind Your Mind online study group at 7:30 pm CET. You can determine what time this is in your part of the world by visiting: www.everytimezone.com.  

These meetings are held via Zoom Video Conferencing, a subscription based means of video-chatting for large groups. A general membership fee to the group is 20 Euros. The requested 20 Euros each will give you a membership and access to the UYM group conference call, here's the link for that payment: http://livingmiracles.eu/donations.html Please consider a 40 Euro love offering which will give you a yearly membership to Living Miracles Europe Ministries, and a membership to the UYM group, here's the link for that payment: http://livingmiracles.eu/donations.html

*The hour-and-a-half sessions flow like this:

  •  Opening song
  •  Silent meditation for five minutes
  •  Opening prayer and sharing of the Group Guidelines and Intention (click here to read 
  •  An “expression session.” Anyone may clear their mind by expressing a present upsetting thought and giving it to Holy Spirit. This is a time for us to listen with True Empathy and follow the Clarity Process guidelines.
  • I open the meeting up for a discussion focused on the ideas in the book. 
  •  Closing song

*NOTE that every two months this group will watch a movie with commentary for the purpose of healing.

Instructions on how to participate in the chat room:

To participate with us, you need to have your own copy of the book Unwind Your Mind, either in paperback or e-book form (click here to order).

Then email me at greg@livingmiracles.eu requesting to join the meeting. If there is

room in the meeting, I will email you the link to participate.

About Andy

Andy began study of A Course in Miracles after hitting bottom 25 years ago. In 2004 he met David Hoffmeister and was inspired by his teachings and practical application of Course principles in daily life. Andy felt himself becoming less defensive and more peaceful. In response to a call from Spirit, he joined the Living Miracles community, where his focus is on consistent mind training to unwind from the ego thought system.

Many miracles have been experienced, in particular while facilitating the Mystical Mind Training program and responding to Prayer and Support calls. The miracles in these joinings are an awareness of the healing presence of the Holy Spirit coming through to heal open minds. Andy loves to join and share the healing power of Love’s presence.

Andy has used David Hoffmeister’s book, Unwind Your Mind Back to God: Experiencing A Course in Miracles, to sustain and deepen his guidance and connection with the Holy Spirit. Andy now leads an online Unwind Your Mind study group and assists others to set up and facilitate their own groups in the United States and Canada.

About Greg

Greg’s search for Truth began with the creative arts and there he discovered something much deeper than what the world could offer. Exploring the magic and mystery within personal creativity, the search for healing experiences continued with mysticism and then a few years after that, A Course in Miracles. Around 2005, the daily practice of ACIM and it’s benefits was deeply encouraging as he began to experience the healing benefits of forgiveness within relationships with others. Greg loves the quiet and the stillness the Spirit within offers the mind. Facilitating healing circles is his passion, and he loves the Holy Spirit’s Presence which orchestrates all healing in this collaborative venture!

A Course in Miracles Study Groups

Unwind Your Mind ACIM Study Groups

Unwind your Mind ACIM Study Groups

Andy LeCompte - Unwind Your Mind Group Facilitator

Unwind Your Mind

​​​​​ACIM Study Groups

From the head to the heart, a practical application of
A Course in Miracles

Greg Donner - Unwind Your Mind Group Facilitator

To receive updates on local Unwind Your Mind groups or other events, please subscribe below. 

Click on the image above to learn more about this book and/or download a free exerpt of the first 20 pages!

Start Your Own Local Group

For groups in Australia and New Zealand contact Michael Caruana at michael@livingmiracles.org.au
For groups in Europe contact Greg Donner at greg@livingmiracles.eu
For groups in Mexico contact Laverne Sheppard at laverne@livingmiracles.org
For groups in the United States and Canada contact Andy LeCompte at andy@livingmiracles.org

I, Andy, invite you to start your own Unwind Your Mind Local Study Group. Extending David Hoffmeister’s ACIM teachings with your own group brings huge spiritual rewards. As you ask the Holy Spirit to flow through you, He does. I have experienced many miracles in this way.

The Holy Spirit will not delay in answering your every question what to do. He knows. And He will tell you, and then do it for you. You who are tired will find this is more restful than sleep. For you can bring your guilt into sleeping, but not into this. T-14.IV.6

There are local Unwind Your Mind study groups in different parts of the world where people meet regularly to practice applying the ideas found in this book. These groups are generally formed by those whose lives have been touched by David’s example and who wish to join with others in the same purpose of Awakening. In addition to using Unwind Your Mind (UYM), they also watch movies using David’s Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment as a means of bringing the principles of ACIM to life! These “Unwind Your Mind groups” are a wonderful way to connect with others, go deeper into the practice of true forgiveness, and open up to the Holy Spirit’s Guidance in your life.

Anyone who feels inspired to start an Unwind Your Mind study group may do so, though we ask that facilitators follow the basic Group Guidelines we’ve developed to help keep the purpose of the group out front. Our suggested schedule for running each meeting is included with the Guidelines.

An Unwind Your Mind meeting is a “Circle of Support” given by the Holy Spirit to be approached with appreciation, devotion, and love. Those who facilitate these circles are in contact with the Living Miracles community for support and assistance. We approach this opening up to the purification of the heart with honor and deep commitment.

Andy LeCompte, the US and Canada Unwind Your Mind group coordinator, is delighted to support you in starting a group if you feel so called. Andy is available to coach you by email, telephone and Skype as you go about setting up your local Unwind Your Mind study group.