Around the world, many students of A Course in Miracles have begun to form study groups based on the practical teachings of David Hoffmeister, most notably those found in his book Unwind Your Mind Back to God: Experiencing A Course in Miracles. For many, David's practical examples and metaphors help clarify the metaphysics of the Course and provide guidance on how to apply it in their life. Unwind Your Mind is full of transcribed "kitchen table talks" that David had with his students back in the 1990's on topics ranging from food and the body to relationships, money, and just about every type of problem that human beings encounter in this world. If you have the "willingness to question every value that you hold" (ACIM, Your Mind (UYM) is a very practical resource that can help accelerate your spiritual progress.

This page presents two ways to share the power of joining on this pathway:

  • Join one of the Local or Online Groups on our Map
  • Start your own Local or Online Group (see below)

Start Your Own Local or Online Group

We invite you to start your own Unwind Your Mind Local or Online Study Group. Extending David Hoffmeister’s ACIM teachings with your own group brings huge spiritual rewards. As you ask the Holy Spirit to flow through you, He does. You will experience many miracles in this way.

"The Holy Spirit will not delay in answering your every question what to do. He knows. And He will tell you, and then do it for you. You who are tired will find this is more restful than sleep. For you can bring your guilt into sleeping, but not into this." T-14.IV.6

To learn more about how to start an Unwind Your Mind group, either locally or online, please click here to visit our official Local Groups webpage.

Thank you for your devotion to Awakening!

Unwind Your Mind

​​​​​ACIM Study Groups

Unwind Your Mind ACIM Study Groups

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Join one of the Local or Online Groups on our Map

There are local and online Unwind Your Mind, and This Moment Is Your Miracle study groups in different parts of the world where people meet regularly to practice applying the ideas found in this book. These groups are generally formed by those whose lives have been touched by David’s example and who wish to join with others in the same purpose of Awakening. In addition to using Unwind Your Mind Back to God: Experiencing A Course in Miracles, This Moment Is Your Miracle, Spiritual Tools to Transcend Fear and Experience the Power of the Present Moment, or any of David's books, they also watch movies using David’s Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment as a means of bringing the principles of ACIM to life! These “Unwind Your Mind groups” are a wonderful way to connect with others, go deeper into the practice of true forgiveness, and open up to the Holy Spirit’s Guidance in your life.

To find one of these Unwind Your Mind groups, either locally or online, please click here to visit our map